We walked past Bird’s Nest two weeks ago when we had dinner at Little Greek Taverna. I was instantly attracted to this place by its mouth-watering smell and inviting décor.

So a reservation was made for a date night with the other travel bunnie there and then!

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Bird’s Nest is a Japanese restaurant that serves yakitori, meaning grilled chicken, but often refers to the pieces of bite-sized food cooked on skewers. Yakitori restaurants literally can be found all over Japan and of course, being a long-time Japanese cuisine lover, I was happy to see the new addition to Brisbane’s dining scene.

We were seated at the dining counter which I think is the perfect spot for a table of two as it provides the best view of the cooking process with the charcoal grills placed right in front of you.  We wanted a good spread of yakitori, so the other travel bunnie had the 7 skewer set  ($25) which comes with tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise, thigh with shallots, thigh with lemon, tomato wrapped in pork belly, chicken tail, chicken wing, chicken meatballs.  And as for me, I wanted something slightly different, so in addition to a number of the skewers which the other travel bunnie had, I also ordered the chicken hearts ($3), moisture infused Murray Valley pork belly w cracked pepper, seeded mustard ($4), quail eggs ($4) and yaki onigiri ($4). We also ordered a Sarada ($9) mizuna, baby spinach, snow pea sprouts and radish with Yuzu Soy Dressing  for some healthy greens to go with all of the meat. All of the skewers were delicious, but the tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise and the chicken tail really stood out.

I liked the little touches added by the restaurant here and there.

Cold hand towels were provided to us upon arrival and clear chicken broth was given to us before the dinner started. I also liked the fact that the skewers came out one by one so that we had ample time to savour the unique taste of each cut of meat.

As it turned out and despite my initial concern, the skewers that we had were more than enough for dinner without us feeling overly full. I really like the concept of Bird’s Nest and can see myself going back there again and again.

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