West End Magazine | 18 Sep 2013

So I have a confession to make… I may have dined at the new Birds Nest restaurant more than once in the last week. And that in itself should tell you something about this new addition to Melbourne Street straight off the bat!

The first time was last Friday night on a spontaneous search for a bite to eat with my man at 7pm (peak dinner time) without a reservation.

As we arrive, we are greeted in a simultaneous chorus of Japanese from the floor staff to the kitchen staff – authentic and so welcoming already…

Lucky for us, our lovely hostess finds us a seat at the bar where we are right in front of the action as two chefs prepare meals behind the glass in front of us. As they cook, they are constantly flashing smiles at us (I need to make mention of just how friendly the staff are here); mouthing questions to see if we like our food (there are thumbs up from us in response). And it’s true, in fact, we don’t like our food, we love it.

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