Giulietta Avenia | On 01, Jun 2014

Tucked away on the corner of Melbourne and Browning St in South Brisbane is Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar. It can be hard to find amongst the gaudy signage of its neighbouring restaurants but seeking it out is well worth the effort.

With dim lighting, elegant furnishings and jazz music tinkling around the room, Bird’s Nest is fast becoming my favourite Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

Serving traditional yakitori, or skewered chicken, which is cooked over Binchoutan, an odourless white charcoal, Bird’s Nest serves clean, delicious, fresh flavours at a relatively inexpensive price.

To start, we opted for the Tori Karaage and were well rewarded with the most succulent chicken Karaage I have ever tasted. Plump, spiced morsels of chicken were perfectly cooked to the point that upon biting into the chicken, its juices would pool together to beckon you in for another taste.

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