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Dining has never been so delicious …

Fresh and buzzy, a brilliant new restaurant inspired by the Yakitori concept from native Japan has opened its doors in Brisbane and is creating quite a stir.

The late night-dining scene in West End has been reinvigorated with a delicious authentic Japanese cuisine.

Inspired by the traditional Yakitori restaurants that line the streets of Japan, Bird’s Nest Restaurant settled into the trendy inner-city suburb of Brisbane in August 2013.

Refusing to fit into the traditional Japanese mould of serving sushi, soba and sashimi, Bird’s Nest Restaurant delivers a unique culinary experience using age-old cooking methods.

Bird's Nest RestaurantIntroducing local diners to Japanese Yakitori in a modern and vibrant setting, specially designed by an independent Japanese interior designer, Bird’s Nest Restaurant offers diners an unrivalled experience.

Dating back to the 17th Century, Yakitori is a traditional style of Japanese skewered chicken that is considered a delicacy.

With a strong focus on quality and healthy fare, Bird’s Nest Restaurant’s extensive menu of skewers are prepared in-house daily and cooked to order. Sourcing only the freshest free range and organic produce, Bird’s Nest Restaurant’s menu is almost 100% gluten-free and, despite chicken being hailed as the cornerstone of the menu, is also vegetarian friendly.

Fusing their Japanese heritage, hospitality backgrounds and a love of Yakitori, co-owners Marie Yokoyma and Emi Kamada are the young, passionate entrepreneurs behind Bird’s Nest Restaurant.

“We want Brisbane diners to fall in love with Yakitori as much as we have! Whether you’re a seasoned Yakitori lover or are completely new to the experience, there’s a skewer for everyone!” says Marie of their unique offering.

Join the Bird’s Nest Restaurant team for a late-night bite and relish in the authentic Japanese Yakitori experience!

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