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Our Top Drops


Suiryu Umeshu

Featuring a distinctively smooth and rich texture, our new Suiryu Umeshu is a honey infused sake best served chilled as a dessert wine. Established in 1702, it’s easy to see why this boutique brewery has long enjoyed the reputation as the world’s greatest Kimoto sake.

Enma sochu 1

Enma Sochu

Soft and mild on the palate this limited edition Enma Shochu is aged to perfection in sake barrels which gives it its mellow flavour. Try it neat or on the rocks and enjoy its dry and slightly fruity notes of pear and barley.

Junmai Komagura 1

Junmai Komagura

With its signature amber colour and velvety palate of liquorice and wood, our Junmai Komagura 20 years is an aged delicacy sure to delight. Complex and rich with a distinctive floral bouquet, enjoy it as a digestif at the end of your meal.

Grace Koshu 1

Grace Koshu

Fine and delicate in flavour this premiere Japanese wine is rested for five months before bottling which accounts for its fragrant and bright aroma. Perfectly paired with your favourite Japanese cuisine, Grace Koshu has been steadily building a devout following world wide – but we’ll let you be the judge.

Dassai 50 1

Dassai 50

Full bodied and fragrant, you’ll be struck by the crisp, aromatic notes of apple in our Dassai 50 sake. Hailing from deep in the mountains of rural Yamaguchi, this 200 year old master brewer has tempered the acidity of the apple with notes of strawberry, peaches and cream.