Oh My G-Free Blog | 28th August 2014

I’ve been meaning to come back to Bird’s Nest and do a proper Oh My G-free review, following the quickie I did for the Noodle Market.  Mum wanted to go, as its her fave Japanese restaurant in Brissie (and she knows good Japanese cause she is Japanese!).

This is a Yakitori joint, that only really serves grilled chicken skewers and they serve every bit of chicken, from skin to heart to cartilage (so if you don’t like chicken then its not for you). It’s an Izakaya style bar/restaurant, so dishes are meant to be shared and they have an amazing selection of Japanese alcohol! Including my favourite Yuzu-shu, which is a citrus based liquor (definitely try it if you love plum wine, or anything sweet). So its more of place to come with a group of friends for drinks and dinner.

Yakitori is traditionally cooked over white Charcoal which gives a delicious flavour to the food.  The skewers our flavoured with Tare (master sauce), which is is based on a Gluten Free soy sauce (wooooo). or flavoured with  Himalayan pink Shio (aka salt).

The staff here are absolutely lovely (not because you are welcomed with an ‘irrashaimase’ like every Japanese restaurant) but because they genuinely remember us and have a little chat. I’ve previously asked them and the majority of their menu if Glutard Friendly, including their home made soy sauce. We were seated at the bar, right in front of the action where we could see the Chefs in action (no hiding there).

You can order a set menu, which we’ve done before (and was great as a tasting platter), but because there was only two of us we ordered a la carte.

We ordered the following from the Sumibi Yaki (english = Charcoal Grill):

Sasami ($4) – Free range chicken tenderloin topped with Ume (plum) & Shiso (Japanese basil) leaves
Tebasaki ($4) – Free range chicken wings  with salt lemon, cracked pepper
Negima ($4) – Free range chicken thigh with shallots in their Tare.
Atsuage ($4) – Deep fried organic tofu, ponzu, shallots, bonito flakes (all G-Free)
Eringi ($4) – King oyster mushrooms with soy butter
Puchi Tomato ($2) – Super sweet grape tomatoes flavoured with their Himalayan salt
Okura ($2) – Okra dressed in soy butter

We also ordered Yasai Sticks ($5) which are just fresh vegetable sticks  (carrot, radish, celery etc) with miso (be careful miso usually has wheat) and Mayo (Japanese Kewpie mayo is wheat free), but they taste soooo freaking good. Zaru Tofu ($8.5) which is fresh organic Silken Tofu (made daily in the hinterlands of Northern NSW) served with olive oil and Himalayan salt, soy sauce & shallots. Before this I had never tried olive oil with tofu, but surprisingly it works, and it works damn well! Also you can’t go to a chicken joint and not get Karaage ($7), which is served with wasabi mayo. ALL GF (obviously)!

Although there is chicken galore they do have lots of vegies on their menu so it’s good for vegos and vegans also.


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