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BRISBANE | Bird’s Nest Restaurant

This hip yakitori shop, designed by Katsuya Iwamoto, uses the humble chicken to the max.

Co-owners and grill-wranglers Emi Kamada and Marie Yokoyama thread bits of everything from liver and heart to parson’s nose onto skewers before applying a little binchotan charcoal love. The char-flecked results are smokily delectable. Chunks of thigh are seasoned simply with Himalayan salt, pepper and a lemon drizzle to winning effect. Tomato butabara skewers are punchy flavour bombs, their thin pork belly wrappings stretched to bursting across a quartet of sweet blistered cherry tomatoes.

And did we mention the frosty Asahi on tap? B

ird’s Nest Restaurant, Shop 5, 220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane, Qld, (07) 3844 4306.

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