We probably have the now ubiquitous sushi bar to thank for the growing interest in Japanese food. People have had their curiosity piqued and are ready to move on and learn more. From a bowl of authentic ramen to a refined degustation menu, here are our favourite places for a Japanese fix.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori

You could go alone for a cheap and cheerful meal of juicy karaage (fried chicken) and rice. But don’t, it’s all better shared with your crew because there’s sake, beer and skewers of chicken cooked over Binchotan charcoal, too. Culinary explorers can venture into wilder territory with livers, hearts or crisp chicken skin. Upbeat staff keep a jolly vibe going, juggling walk-ins, re-orders and refills, never neglecting the welcome cheer of “Irasshaimase!”

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