Weekend Notes | 10th August 2014

Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar in West End is a must-visit! Its authentic food, vibrant atmosphere, gorgeous staff and heavenly menu items will have you coming back again and again.

My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to Bird’s Nest’s exclusive dining experience to celebrate their first birthday. Being huge fans of Japanese food, we were extremely excited about this culinary feast as waited in anticipation for the event to start at 7pm.

So what exactly is yakitori? Dating back to the 17th century, yakitori is a traditional style of Japanese skewered chicken that is cooked over Binchotan (white charcoal). Simple cooking method right? But this also means that there is no room to hide. So to produce the best flavours, the ingredients must be fresh and skewering techniques on the spot.

Free range chicken is the rock star at Bird’s Nest and all skewers are made daily and cooked to order with Shio (Himalayan Salt) or their Tare sauce, which is a special sauce that has been passed down from a famous Yakitori Bar in Japan. There are various chicken skewers to choose from such as chicken tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise, chicken meatballs, chicken thigh with shallots, and chicken wings with lemon and cracked pepper. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the chicken tail, chicken liver, chicken hearts, chicken arteries and soft cartilage. Oh yes, it’s chicken galore!

birds nest yakitori bar

Chicken karaage
birds nest yakitori bar

Chicken wings

Chicken skewers aside, though, there are also many other pork and vegetarian skewers in addition to several other side dishes that may tickle your fancy. I’m talking about edamame, Japanese style egg omelette, grilled rice ball and plenty of others that will suit every palate.

birds nest yakitori bar

Shiitake mushrooms

My husband and I had a selection of some of their most popular yakitori skewers: chicken tenderloin with wasabi mayonnaise, chicken thigh with lemon and cracked pepper, chicken thigh with shallots, cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork belly, crispy chicken skin, chicken wings, shiitake mushrooms with ponzu vinegar and chicken arteries. Everything tasted mouth-wateringly wonderful and was full of flavour. We were so amazed at the delicious flavours of these skewers and savoured every single bite. The wasabi mayonnaise was to die for and the crispy chicken skin was awesome.

As well as the selection of yakitori skewers, we also got karaage chicken for entrée, fresh cabbage with Bird’s Nest original sauce and mayonnaise, and grilled rice ball.

birds nest yakitori bar

Grilled rice ball
birds nest yakitori and bar

Cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork belly
birds nest yakitori and bar

Chicken artery

My highlights of the night would have to be karaage chicken, cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork belly, crispy chicken skin and chicken arteries.

And while you’re munching happily on the food here, don’t forget to accompany your yakitori with some Asahi beer because they are a match made in heaven. Otherwise there is a comprehensive selection of Japanese and Australian craft beers, wine, whisky and sake.

This trendy restaurant is the perfect place for a quick snack before a show at QPAC, for a social gathering with your besties, to kick start your big night out, or for a late night snack as the kitchen opens until at least 10:30pm.

I honestly cannot fault anything about Bird’s Nest. With friendly staff, fabulous service, exquisite food and lively atmosphere, you’d be crazy not to check this place out! And make sure you book ahead!

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