Best Yakitori Restaurant in Toowong Village | Bird's Nest Toowong
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Bird’s Nest Toowong Village

9 Sherwood Rd 4066, Shop G67A. Toowong Village

The Best Yakitori in Toowong Village

Situated in Sherwood Road of Toowong Village, Bird’s Nest is the perfect place to experience traditional Yakitori. Drop by for lunch and enjoy the cosy ambience and our wide variety of exotic meals. From flavourful rice bowls to unique hot dogs and sides, we always have something that can delight your senses.

Free Snacks with ANY drink purchase
(Wine, Beer, OR Sake)

– choice of Edamame, Chips, Karaage, Croquet, Lotus Root Crisps, 62-degree Eggs, Crispy Tofu, Green Salad, or Cabbage Slaw