Welcome to Bird’s Nest (Yakitori and Bar), West End, Brisbane, where we serve traditional Japanese Yakitori in a vibrant yet relaxing environment.

The restaurant has seating for 50 people including a large group dining table and exclusive counter dining where you can watch the chef’s at work.

So whether you’re already a Yakitori lover and you want to come and savour a few skewers or your new to the experience, stop by Bird’s Nest, we would love you to fall in love with Yakitori.

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Robata, umami, kombucha, dashi, konro and other essential Japanese culinary lingo

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The Australian | 28th April 2015

A new wave of Japanese food is trending at a restaurant near you, and it has little or nothing to do with raw fish.


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The Best Restaurants in Brisbane, QLD

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Japanese is a cuisine that unfortunately often gets bastardised upon import to western countries, with unnecessary ingredients added and flavours changed in an attempt to appeal to the supposedly “uneducated” Western palate.


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Asahi Black – Why not try Japan’s favourite dark beer?

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If you haven’t tried it, now might be the time – not what you think!

Brewed in Osaka, Asahi Black is made from three different roasted malts. This gives it a rich, nutty flavour and makes it incredibly smooth-drinking.