Welcome to Bird’s Nest (Yakitori and Bar), West End, Brisbane, where we serve traditional Japanese Yakitori in a vibrant yet relaxing environment.

The restaurant has seating for 50 people including a large group dining table and exclusive counter dining where you can watch the chef’s at work.

So whether you’re already a Yakitori lover and you want to come and savour a few skewers or your new to the experience, stop by Bird’s Nest, we would love you to fall in love with Yakitori.

Latest Bird’s Nest News

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Bird’s Nest [EAT]

Indulge Magazine | 28th October 2014

“One thing a good [restaurant] cannot do without is a hospitable owner and a friendly staff. The quality of any restaurant is determined by the owner’s character. If the owner is good, then the staff will also be good. And that creates a good cycle” writes Tetsu Kariya in Oishinbo.


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Bird’s Nest is Best

Brisbane Threads | 22 Oct 14

As soon as a silhouette appears in the doorway of South Brisbane’s Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, “Irasshaimase” is hummed from the other side of the threshold.