Welcome to Bird’s Nest (Yakitori and Bar), West End, Brisbane, where we serve traditional Japanese Yakitori in a vibrant yet relaxing environment.

The restaurant has seating for 50 people including a large group dining table and exclusive counter dining where you can watch the chef’s at work.

So whether you’re already a Yakitori lover and you want to come and savour a few skewers or your new to the experience, stop by Bird’s Nest, we would love you to fall in love with Yakitori.

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Bird’s Nest is Best

Brisbane Threads | 22 Oct 14

As soon as a silhouette appears in the doorway of South Brisbane’s Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar, “Irasshaimase” is hummed from the other side of the threshold.


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Binchoutan Charcoal

Binchoutan, “White Charcoal” is the key to Bird’s Nests amazing aromas and flavours.

The history of charcoal in Japan goes back several thousand years to the Jomon era. Binchotan charcoal was introduced to Japan by […]